Recommended UVM Books

I wanted to share with you couple of highly recommended UVM books. You may prefer to refer these books to enhance your knowledge about the SystemVerilog & UVM based Testbench Architecture Development & learning many more features. I believe, you’ll find it useful.

UVM Books:
  1. SystemVerilog For Verification: A Guide to Learning the Testbench Language Features by Chris Spear & Greg Tumbush (3rd Edition)
  2. A Practical Guide to Adopting Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) by Sharon Rosenberg & Kathleen A Meade (2nd Edition)
  3. The UVM Primer: A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Universal Verification Methodology by Ray Salemi
  4. Getting Started with UVM: A Beginner’s Guide by Vanessa R. Copper
  5. A Practical Guide For SystemVerilog Assertions by Srikanth Vijayaraghavan & Meyyappan Ramanathan
  6. UVM Cookbook
  7. UVM Golden Reference Guide



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