UVM Environment Components

What Type of Components Are Part of UVM Environment..??

UVM contains primarily 2 types of components i.e. Static components & Dynamic components. As name indicates, Dynamic components are generated, perform their tasks and their life span is finished at the end of a simulation cycle. On the other side, Static component are physical components which are present since the begining and remain existed even after the end of the simulation. A standard classification of an UVM environment is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Classification of an UVM Environment

Following is the list of these components which are part of a standard UVM environment.Transactions & Sequences are examples of Dynamic components while Driver & Sequencer are the examples of Static components. Diagram below (Figure 2) shows a standard structure of an UVM environment.

  1. Transaction
  2. Sequence
  3. Configuration Object
  4. Driver
  5. Sequencer
  6. Monitor
  7. Subscriber/Coverage Collector
  8. Agent
  9. Environment
  10. Test
  11. Virtual Interface
  12. Scoreboard
  13. Checker
  14. Clock Generator
  15. Top Module
 Figure 2: UVM Environment With Components


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